Pulse - Sacred Heart College Media Centre

Together with colleague, Bea Roberts, and architect, Nabeel Essa, André facilitated the transformation of the Sacred Heart high school library into a dynamic, 21st century media centre.

In workshop with the learners the name pulse was chosen to describe its essence, its heart, its sensitivity to the rhythms of the world, its animating electricity and its connectivity through communication technology.

Sacred Heart College has a reputation for its progressive teaching methodology and experimental edge. It is a school that promotes creative self expression and critical self evaluation as well as respect and an appreciation of diversity. Its academic excellence is matched by its commitment to compassion and understanding. It has long been associated with activism and the fight for social justice.

The new vision for the media centre integrates ipads, notebooks, access to an online network of digital books, and a small cinema for media studies. It will also be a space where reading of actual books (not just digital interfaces) is encouraged by including books that do things that the Internet can’t do: large format books with sensational illustrations and photography, graphic novels, and great examples of innovative book design.


 Pulse will be a space to think in – a space in which learners are free to explore knowledge on their own terms, with all the resources they need to do so. It is a creative space where learners will meet to work on projects, hold club meetings, attend talks, explore exhibitions and lose themselves (and perhaps even find themselves) in the exploration of great media. It is not just about accessing media but also about creating media. The librarians will be learners supported by teachers, rather than the other way around. The Sacred Heart High School learners designed the logo themselves.

The look and feel balances a sense of the preciousness, status and power of knowledge with the spontaneity and playfulness of creativity.


 Pulse is housed in the Marcia Hyam Library. Generous funding from Zwelakhe Sisulu and the Friends of Eric Molobi (one of our unsung struggle heroes with a long connection to the school), has enabled Sacred Heart College to revamp and furnish the space.